Film Fest 2019

Battle of the Best -Film Fest, is now running its fifth season.

Socialciti's BattlernOf The Best International Short Film Fest is a competition of short films made not only in the UAE but throughout the world. The Film Fest is created with a vision to provide Filmmakers with a platform to showcase their work to an enthusiastic audience in the Middle East. The shortlisted movies will be screened at the Reel Cinemas in Dubai

Screening date:  13th December 2019 

It is an opportunity, not only for Regular Filmmakers but also for those, who have an inner talent to COLOUR the Canvas of Cinema with their vivid imagination and unending creativity. We at “Socialciti” believe that every Person has an Artist within who is eager to break free from the shackles of his own inhibitions. We would like to cherish and nurture this dream sometimes so very subtly placed in people. We believe given the right opportunity and environment even the most routine-oriented, so to say non-creative people, can do wonders.


We duly understand and respect the effort that a filmmaker takes in making a movie. And to ensure a very fair and credible evaluation of the movies submitted to this Festival, we set a panel of Jury members that comprises of eminent personalities from the Film and Media industry.

​ After the selection for screening, shortlisted works will be transmitted to the Festival Jury for the final evaluation.

Festival official Jury names the main prize of the competition. Special mentions may be announced as deemed suitable.

Some of our distinguished Jury members from previous film festival are listed below.


Khalid Al Mahmood

Top Emirati Filmmaker


Manju Ramanan

Group Editor Filmfare ME


Hana Makki

Senior Producer and Director, Image Nation


Mansoor Alfeeli

Legendry Emirati Actor


Each movie is being selected after a rigorous pre-screening process competing with other international submission and will face another round of competition during the Final screening. Awards would be announced after the screening of the movies at the venue based on the points given by the team of judges appointed by Socialciti.

Following are the categories of award for the filmmakers



Jury Award for Best Film



Jury Award for Best Director



Jury Award for Best Actor



Jury Award for Best Actress



During the public screenings of short films, the audience will have the chance to express a numerical rating for each movie in the competition. The movie with the highest score will be conferred with the popular choice award.


In order to maintain a smooth flow of the various segments of the Film Fest, everyone has to follow the below cut-off dates.



Registration for the Film Festival will start from 3rd October 2019.

Book your tickets

Please share the below details and one of our team members will get in touch to assist you with the bookings.


  • Films Completed on or after JANUARY 2018.
  • All entries must be in English or subtitled in English
  • Films should not have been screened publicly. 
  • Films must not have been entirely or partially broadcasted and/or made available on television, internet/social media, mobile phones, apps, streaming  platforms and/or any other public domain or viewing platform.
  • Duration of the film should be limited to 15 min (The Film Festival holds the right to provide scope ( of up to 5 min) for creative justice).
  • All Genres of films are accepted.
  • Movies can be made in or outside of UAE.
  • Under production movies are eligible too as long as the abide by the submission date.
  • Producer/Film Maker takes full responsibility of the film which includes the necessary permissions required at the time of making the film.
  • All content/music/images and other material used in the movie are copyright protected
  • Socialciti takes no responsibility of the multimedia content, intellectual copyright or claims of cast and crew.


    •    The deadline for submissions of the final movies is 15th November 2019.
    •    Filmmakers to send Synopsis/Director/Cast and Crew detail along with the submission for promotion material.
    •    For Pre-screening the movies must be submitted in PAL format (Quick HD PRO OR .MP4)
    •    Films can be submitted via a private link, Flash drive for prescreening.
    •    If your movie is accepted for screening in the festival a version must be submitted in .MXF (2048 X 858) or (1998 X 1080).
    •   The Festival Reserves the right to show name/clips of the films to promote the festival onrn Internet/TV/Other Media).
    •    The entry form must be submitted along with the movie.
    •    A poster/trailer of the movie needs to be provided, once the movies are shortlisted for screening.
    •   It is preferred to have a representative(s) available for the screening of the selected movie onrn the festival date in Dubai (In case of International entries,  Socialciti can appoint a representative)
    •  The Movies selected will be notified to the film makers via email.

    Who we are

    We would like to call ourselves, SocialCiti Knights, not just because it sounds super cool but because we believe that cities have a life of their own and someone should take the job of making the Citi’s heart beat faster from time to time. We do that by bringing to life stories, art, performance and opportunities that will mark THE grandeur of the people and their Citi.

    SocialCiti is built on rich and Extensive experiences of Passionate people from diverse background, who come together every now and then with one aim. To make the city more livelier. Their tremendous collective energy and experiences in theatre, fashion, design, marketing, Social media, film making and strong business acumen makes the whole creative process challenging yet fun. There is not an angle we are missing when we take up a project.

    Our Chief Knight drives the rest of us to deliver nothing short of the best. You will know what we are talking about, when you come and work with us. Do try that once in your life time!

    What we do

    WE PERFORM – Theatre is our lifeline, we enjoy the process of creation and mostly that is our reward. Although some help from sponsor’s would make our backs break a bit less. But having said that, we love to stage performances.

    We believe in what Walt Disney Says "We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make movies".

    WE TALK AND CREATE MAGIC – Well all marketing efforts aside, we do workshops that will enhance creativity in people, we collaborate with the best minds and let them create magic every now and then and keep the process of inspiration on.

    SOCIALCITI STYLE- there are certain events that become a trademark of cities, we believe in creating those moments, which stays imprinted on the cities profile. 

    BATTLE OF THE BEST is such an event, we promise there are many more to come.

    WE CONNECT THE YOUNG WITH WISE – We believe in the flow of information and creativity. The young have the vibrant contagious wisdom, while the wise have experience and rich knowledge that can be great guide to the vibrant energy of the young. Can you imagine the magic that can be created when the two comes together?

    Join Us

    If Filmmaking is what inspires you, if creativity runs through your veins, if you love challenges then you may drop in a line to with your brief intro.